Chuuk International Airport Electrical  & Security Fencing

Chuuk International Airport Electrical  Airfield Upgrade & Security Fencing
Location: Chuuk, Federated State of Micronesia (FSM)
Client    : Chuuk International Airport
Contract Amount: $ 1,962,380.00                                       

  - Replacement of Airport Lighting System consisting of lighted  
    taxiway, guidance signs, lighted runway distance remaining
    marker signs, threshold lights, semi-recessed runway edge
    lights, runway elevated edge lights, taxiway edge lights, pole 
    mounted apron floodlights with lowering system, externally
    lighted primary and supplemental wind cones, obstruction
    lights and complete airport control equipment and
    cable installation. 

 - The project also include construction of a new security fencing
   approximately 9,500 LF and installation of various vehicle and
   personnel security gates. 

Performance Period : 360 Calendar Days